From Baked Goods to Nut Butters: The Artisan Journey of Small Batch

May 26 2023 – Katherine Diabordo

From Baked Goods to Nut Butters: The Artisan Journey of Small Batch
From Baked Goods to Nut Butters: The Artisan Journey of Small Batch

Small Batch is a small, but mighty team of passionate individuals who have a shared goal of producing high-quality, clean, and delicious artisanal nut butters and spreads. The company was founded in 2012 by a career chef who had a passion for simple and organic foods. Today, Small Batch is owned by a new owner who is just as passionate about their craft. In this blog post, we will take a look at their journey, notable achievements, and their favorite way to enjoy their products.

A Small Team with Big Dreams

Small Batch is a small but dynamic team that prides itself on producing innovative and high-quality products. The team consists of the owner, who makes the products, and another member who sells them. Despite being a small team, Small Batch has achieved remarkable success since its inception. The team is proud of their achievements and is confident of expanding in the future.


Innovative Products, Proud Achievements

Small Batch's most notable achievements have been in introducing innovative products to their range. Their Honey Peanut Butter was a challenging product to develop as peanuts do not like honey. It took a lot of trial and error to get it stable and delicious. The final product is a testament to the team's hard work and dedication. Their Streichcreme range, including Sunflower, Cashew, and Eggplant spreads, was equally challenging to develop. The final process took three days to make, resulting in a vegan/gluten-free/organic spread that is both delicious and nutritious.

Favorite Ways to Enjoy Small Batch's Products

There are many ways to enjoy Small Batch's nut butters and spreads, and the team loves hearing about their customers' creations. A cold-soaked oat treat with Chocolate Almond Butter or Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter is currently the owner's favorite way to enjoy their products. It is a simple yet delicious way to enjoy a nutritious, low-GI snack or breakfast.

Collaboration is Key

Small Batch values collaboration and working with other local artisans. Recently, they worked with Pepper & Me to produce an Easter Butter and a Moroccan Sun Butter. They have also partnered with The Sweet Life Honey, Solomon's Gold Chocolate, Miss Keto Meals, and Mount Sourdough. Small Batch hopes to work with other local artisans who understand the value of being local and working together.

Small Batch is a testament to the fact that with hard work and dedication, one can achieve great success. They have shown that innovation, creativity, and collaboration are key to achieving success in the artisanal food industry. Their journey has been inspiring, and their products are a testament to their passion and dedication.