Discovering the Art of Ethical Chocolate Making with Our Business

April 02 2023 – Michael Diala

Discovering the Art of Ethical Chocolate Making with Our Business
Discovering the Art of Ethical Chocolate Making with Our Business

Incorporated in 2017, our business rose out of the ashes of Cadbury leaving Dunedin with a mission to keep chocolate making alive in the city while making it ethical. With the largest number of shareholders of any privately owned company in New Zealand, we are proud to be a local and community driven business.

The Spark of an Ethical Chocolate Making Journey
When Cadbury left Dunedin, a group of passionate locals saw an opportunity to create a different kind of chocolate making business, one that would be in direct opposition to Cadbury & business practices.The idea was to keep the chocolate making tradition alive while incorporating ethics and responsibility in every aspect of the business.

Surviving COVID and Celebrating Our Artisan Journey
One of our proudest moments in our artisan journey was surviving the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges, we were able to adapt and continue delivering high-quality, ethically made chocolates to our customers.

Unleashing the Flavors of Fine Chocolate
What sets our chocolate apart from others is the complexity of the flavors. Just like a fine wine, each bite of our chocolate reveals a beginning, middle and end. The beans used in our chocolate are carefully selected and allowed to shine through without any added ingredients that could compromise the unique taste. This results in a chocolate experience like no other.

Aligning with the Artisan Community
As we look across the artisan community, we are particularly drawn to local peanut butter producer Bay Road Peanut Butter. Like us, they too believe in using high-quality ingredients and ethical production methods to create delicious and unique artisan products.

Enjoying Our Chocolate to the Fullest
We recommend savoring each bite of our chocolate, just like a fine wine, to fully experience the complex flavors. No secret tips or recipes needed, just pure, unadulterated chocolate bliss.